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The Clinton International Summer School 2016

In March 2013 President Clinton made his fifth trip to Derry-Londonderry demonstrating his ongoing commitment to the peace process in Northern Ireland. President Clinton walked the Peace Bridge with Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume and his wife, Pat. President Clinton then addressed a public audience of some 3,000 people in the Guildhall Square of the city. President Clinton told the crowd “never underestimate the impact that this small place has had on the large world because of that peace agreement…people want to know how it was done. You have inspired 1024px-University-ulster-magee-college-landscapethe world”.

The President pointed out that other societies are looking to Northern Ireland as an example of how violence can be transformed into peace.

In 2016, our Summer School program will therefore focus directly on how peacebuilding can be enhanced by economic development.

Specifically, the program will focus on building a new generation of global peacebuilders who can not only use the lessons from Northern Ireland peace process in their own contexts, but couple this with leadership, entrepreneurship and economic development. The Summer School will draw on a unique partnership of INCORE’s conflict transformation skills and facilitators from Ulster Business School.

The module will describe and evaluate the impact that new technologies, in areas such as education, medicine, security and communication, have on peace strategies and conflict transformation.

This year the Summer School will run from June 17-24 2016. We are currently accepting applications and offering bursaries to participants from a select number of countries.

This year’s program will be Peacebuilding through Entrepreneurship. Facilitated by Michael McQuillan, Brandon Hamber and Tim Brundle, this module will provide the participants with a unique opportunity to experience first-hand Northern Ireland’s historical conflict and that region’s continuing road to reconciliation, peace and prosperity. The program will begin with an introduction to the Northern Ireland conflict to place the module in context. Participants will also meet local groups, peacebuilders and entrepreneurs. This will allow the students to get a good grounding in the local context and what can be learned from for their local contexts. The main part of the program will focus more directly on advancing positive change and economic development in their home communities. The students will be required to identify in advance a project that would improve the economic and social conditions in their home region. Our team will then work with you to develop your idea over the course of the week enhancing it and helping put social change into practice.

Student Eligibility

–Students who meet the following eligibility requirements are invited to apply:

–Undergraduate and graduate students, between the ages of 20-26

–Leadership capacity

–A technology plan that would benefit their home community

–Highly recommended by university or community organization

–Experience with ethnic or religious conflict or with high poverty rate

–Fluent English skills


Covered Expense

–One week program of instruction at Ulster University, Magee Campus

–Travel Costs covered up to $1,000

–Lodging at Magee

–Dinners at Magee and allowance for other meals

–Field trips to Derry, Giants Causeway

–Tour of Belfast and one night in Corrymeela


Insurance (personal health and travel)