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The Clinton International Summer School Program is led by a dedicated group of volunteers: conference staff, our chair, and our advisory board. These dedicated individuals share their time and talents with the organization to ensure its longterm sustainability. 

Stella O’Leary, Chair

John McCarthy, U.S. Facilitator 

Advisory Board
Professor Paul Arthur
Della Britton Baeza
Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley
Tom Arnold
Brendan Boyle
Dennis Brownlee
James Cavanaugh
Ivan Doherty
Professor John Doyle
John Fitzpatrick
Professor Brandon Hamber
Joseph Hassett
Willie McCarter
Professor Brian MacCraith
Kieran McLaughlin
Bruce Morrison
John Myers
Denis O’Brien
Niall O’Dowd
Brian O’Dwyer
Paul Quinn
Laurie Campos Sandler
Denis Staunton
Michael Steed
Joanne Stuart
Mark Tuohey