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Denis O’Brien



Building Economic Prosperity in Post Conflict Society is what Denis O’Brien does. As well-known for his philanthropy as for his business success, O’Brien is a long time supporter of President Clinton’s international work.

Support from Denis O’Brien made this Clinton International Summer School possible. O’Brien provided the resources for these talented students to travel to Northern Ireland and participate in the school. Without O’Brien’s help these students could not avail of the opportunity to engage with their peers from other conflict areas and embark on a global cooperation. O’Brien’s generosity is legendary. He played a pivotal role in the reconstruction of Haiti following the devastating earthquake. Through Digicel, his cell phone company, he donated and raised $30 million towards redevelopment, including reconstruction of Port-au-Prince’s Iron Market. In a country where only 10 percent of the population had bank accounts, O’Brien made it possible for people to make deposits and withdraw cash through their mobile phones. A Clinton Global Citizen Honoree, President Bill Clinton wrote in Time magazine that O’Brien’s action, to make cash transactions available for the poorest in the world, via Digicel, was the number one idea in changing the world for the poor in 2012.

The Digicel Foundation in Jamaica has a goal of 100 percent literacy in 2015. Digecel also builds learning centers in Haiti and Papua, New Guinea.┬áDenis O’Brien is a role-model for the students in this Clinton International Summer School. His generosity to the business and social interests of struggling societies, and his association with the Clinton Global Initiative, make him an example of how a successful entrepreneur can use wealth to increase opportunity and improve living conditions for the world’s poorest.